A bookmaker that does not close or block an account

A bookmaker that does not close or block an account

Which bookmaker does not close or block clients’ accounts? Who allows their customers to withdraw large winnings?

99.99% of bookmakers are not loyal to successful players who withdraw money. They create difficulties for these bettors, do not pay winnings, and force them to undergo repeated verifications. Over time, a successful player is accused of some fictitious story, without providing evidence, and then the account is blocked without the right to change the decision. What to do if the bookmaker banned? Answer: play in a normal company!

Pinnacle is a bookmaker that NEVER closes or blocks customer accounts. It is for this reason that successful players, arbitrageurs, valuers and other speculators put in it. The bookmaker does not prevent anyone from playing and does not limit anyone. Pinnacle will always pay out your winnings, ALWAYS!

Why is Pinnacle so loyal to those who «take out» the money?

Firstly, it has the most accurate odds (the company has the best trading department). Secondly, the company has huge turnover, so it will always be profitable. Thirdly, this is part of their philosophy — to give their customers maximum freedom! If you want to make surebets or bet at high odds (values), then only at Pinnacle.

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