Bookmaker for value betting. Overpriced odds

Bookmaker for value betting

What are value bets? Which bookmaker does not prohibit making value betting? Profitable strategy for overpriced odds.

Value Betting is a sports betting strategy at high odds. This strategy in the long term guarantees the player a profit.

An overstated odds (value) is when a player has a slight advantage over the bookmaker due to the fact that the bet does not reflect the real probability of an event. For example, a bookmaker offers odds for an event of 2.20, although with proper analysis it is only 2.00. We need to take advantage of this situation!

Why is «value» formed?

  1. An error in the bookmaker’s line or incorrect analysis of traders (it happens very rarely).
  1. Loading coefficients (this is when a lot of money is bet on one result of the game and the bookmaker, in order to align the line, increases the coefficient on the opposite result.

How to find the «value» of a bets in a bookmaker’s line?

There are special services with the correct algorithms for finding overpriced odds. You can do it yourself, but we don’t recommend it, it will be too hard…

Why do bookmakers block accounts for «value» bets?

This is not beneficial for them, since the Value Betting strategy gives a 100% guarantee of profit.

Which bookmaker allows «value» bets and why?

Pinnacle is the only bookmaker that officially welcomes «value» bets. The reason is very simple, the line is always perfectly balanced in the company and the bookmaker will make a profit regardless of the results of the game.

Pinnacle is a unique office with a crystal clear reputation, there are no other analogues in the world

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Bookmaker for value betting. Overpriced odds

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